Welcome to the MMUN Registration Process!

Registration possible for:

  • Country Selection (Step 1)
  • Indicating which Country/committee will have the single delegate IF you have an odd number of Delegates (Step 1b).
  • Payment of Participant Fees (Step 2a)
  • Participant Data Entry (Step 2b)
  • Rooming List Assignments (Step 2) – this only applies to the on-site conferences
  • Conferences fill-up fast so reserve your school’s place as soon as possible (Step 2)
  • Step 3 of the registration process depends upon the submission of your delegation’s position papers and other final preparations. Therefore, you can complete this step based upon when your preparations are complete, given that you have completed the step before the deadlines for your conference (see www.montessori-mun.org for more details).

Conferences fill-up fast so reserve your school’s place as soon as possible with your country selection(s) and ensure you have made your payments in Step 2a.

Please note that:

  • A school group for an online conference may consist of: a teacher coordinator, delegates, and observers (adults and children/students).

Conference registration for a school group consists of three steps:

STEP 1 – SCHOOL REGISTRATION AND COUNTRY SELECTION enroll school, obtain simulation country and pay country selection fee (estimated time required: 10 minutes)


  • STEP 2A Pay Conference Package Fees (estimated time required: 10 minutes)
  • STEP 2B Participant Data Entry (estimated time required: 30 minutes)
  • STEP 2C (FOR ON-SITE CONFERENCES ONLY) Rooming List Assignment (estimated time required: 15-30 minutes)

STEP 3 – PREPARE TO JOIN MMUN assign delegates to committees, upload Position Papers and other final details (estimated time required: 15-60 minutes depending upon size of delegation)

Please note that traffic on the site may require you to wait to complete your selection, especially for country selections.

Feel free to contact us with any questions info@nullmontessori-mun.org