MMUN Country Display Board

Country Display Boards

ACTIVITY: Students work together to create a digital country display (for online conferences) or a physical country display board (for onsite conferences) about the country they will represent during an MMUN conference. Each delegation is required to participate in this activity by exhibiting the work they made in class.

GOALS: The main objective of this activity is to help students learn about a foreign country. This activity emphasizes research, brainstorming and teamwork skills. Your country display should help people who visit MMUN learn something about the country you are representing at the conference. Keep in mind that it is always more interesting to learn through a multi-sensory approach, so digital displays for online conferences might include photos, powerpoints and video clips, whereas physical display boards could be designed to involve not only sight and hearing, but also smell and touch with some sort of activity that onlookers might try. 

The display should contain key national information and background, usually addressing the categories of the fundamental needs of human beings — use the Montessori chart for helpful ideas to consider displaying.

TIME: It will take several hours to brainstorm about, develop, and execute the display board


For a physical on-site display board – a Standard tri-fold, free-standing display board is required. Pay attention to the display board sizing requirements –  trifold or bifold free-standing poster boards are recommended as long as the display dimensions don’t exceed 36″ (width) and 48″ (height). The board must stand on its own without leaning. 

For a digital online display – use a camera to take photos of a physical presentation, and/or a variety of software applications to put together a unique display with a photo montage, collage, electronic art with captions, a Powerpoint slide show, video clips, or a combination of the above. Be creative! 

Examples of what past students have included on their country display boards:

  • Maps with major landforms, cities, and transportation systems
  • Photographs or hand-drawn pictures of their country’s flag
  • Examples of games, which are played by the children in the country with instructions on how to play
  • Samples of art and crafts that are part of the country’s culture
  • Maps painted by the students with interesting facts about their country’s people, flora, and fauna 
  • Paragraphs briefly telling about the country

EXHIBITION: The Country Display will be exhibited in person or virtually during the conference for all participants to view and learn about the different country delegations.



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