Q: How can I enroll my students to participate in a Montessori Model United Nations Conference? 

In order to participate to the MMUN conferences, the teachers leading the student delegates are required to take the MMUN Teacher Workshop. This training is a two-day course to enable teachers to effectively prepare the students to attend the MMUN conferences. For teachers new to MMUN this is an obligatory component. Please click here for the upcoming workshops.

Q: Can only Montessori schools participate in MMUN?

MMUN is open to all schools, Montessori or not. However, all teachers are required to attend the MMUN Teacher Workshop prior to leading a delegation to an MMUN conference.

Q: What are the registration fees?

Please visit the NYC, Chicago, and/or Rome conference pages for fees, deadlines, and other registration information. For more details about the whole registration process and MMUN terms of service, please download our 2019 complete MMUN conference guidebook.

Q: How do I decide which MMUN conferences to attend?

Smaller conferences provide more opportunities for you to interact with other delegates. Thus, for beginner delegations, it is recommended to attend a smaller conference such as the one in Chicago, while according to other preferences options please download our 2019 conference characteristics description.

Q: If I have an odd number of students in my group, am I allowed to place three (3) students in a committee?

The conference matrix will not allow more than two (2) students per committee. In these unique cases, (1) delegate will have to take on the challenge of both topics in one committee. Keep in mind, it is not a requirement to make a speech, and it is a choice to be placed on the speaker’s list. This is designed so the preparation process is not compromised for the delegates involved, as well as all delegates in the committee session. MMUN must also adhere to strict capacity guidelines within each committee room.

Q: What if I have only one (1) delegate in a committee?

Because each committee debates and negotiates two topics, that delegate must prepare for both topics and write two position papers. If a delegate submits only one paper, s/he cannot fully represent their country in the committee. Therefore, the delegate will be moved to ‘observer status’ and not be able to engage in any of the committee deliberations from speeches to voting.

Q: How many is the minimum number of students required to attend the MMUN conference?

One student is the minimum needed to form a delegation. Keep in mind, the individual student will be required to write and submit one position paper per topic, two papers total.

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