How MMUN stands out from other MUNs

9-15 years old delegates

As a unique experiential program towards real-world problem solving, Montessori Model United Nations serves the youngest delegates in the model UN world.  

The main objective of the MMUN Program is to engage students in authentic learning situations that teach them about critical thinking, social justice, and collaboration while participating in a life-changing experience. Dr. Montessori understood that children learn about moral development by working on real-life tasks. When they feel validated while working toward a meaningful goal, they bring a great amount of energy, commitment, and intelligence to the forefront. Thanks to their engagement, our delegates take part in a true social movement of youth by rendering the world more peaceful and just.

A focus on process and collaboration, no emphasis on competition

As a collaborative educational program that fosters social responsibility and action, there are no awards (e.g. “best delegate”) or ribbons distributed at a Montessori Model United Nations conferences. Our delegates prepare and negotiate in an authentic manner assuming the role of ambassadors in the UN. Delegates must vote in position with their country at all times understanding that only through negotiation can accomplish the crucial task of solving world problems.

Adherence to the negotiation and communication style of Ambassadors in the United Nations

Ambassadors to the United Nations have limited time to work and therefore much of the negotiation takes place informally and in small groups. Our conferences are also quite limited in time and therefore the delegates must use their time wisely as the ambassadors they represent. However, at the United Nations, it is in the best interest of the committee if more countries agree to a draft resolution. For example, when working on one of the sustainable development goals, they are so interrelated and globally focused, all member states have a vested interest in meeting those goals. Through collaboration and compromise, these ambassadors work to include as many member states as possible.  Montessori Model United Nations models this process.

At the UN Committees, 85% of General Assembly resolutions are adopted by consensus. For both the UN and here at the MMUN, the ultimate goal leading up to this final phase is consensus, which is truly the signature of diplomatic culture.

We are a Montessori Model United Nations

Maria Montessori supported the work of the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations as a forum where peace could be created. She recognized the hope for peace lay in the education of children.

Montessori Model United Nations has partnered with the United Nations to create a program for Montessori students who at the sensitive period for reason, justice and morality can participate in a life-changing experience.

Our delegates come from Montessori schools, as well as from other international schools adopting different pedagogies.


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