Target Students and Participant Categories

Targent Students and Participant Categories 


    • MMUN Teacher Coordinators: MMUN certified teachers coordinating pre-conference activities, single person coordinating registration of full delegation, as well as the on-site reference for the full delegation. Want to become a MMUN certified coordinator? Click here to learn more.
    • School Delegation includes:
      • Delegates: Students from 9-15 years of age, which have completed the preparation and acceptance of their position papers within the established deadline.
      • Chaperones: Teachers and/or parents that are part of the school delegation, ensuring appropriate conduct and protocol compliance on-site. They are also responsible for picking up their student delegates from committee rooms for lunch and at the end of the afternoon sessions.
      • Observers: Any adult or child which accompanies the school delegation. A child observer can include an accompanying family member or a school student who wishes to experience the conference without participating as a full delegate.
      • Visitors: Adult participants which are not part of a school delegation.
    • Bureau: Adults and students responsible for the success of committee sessions, includes reviewing of position papers and commenting pre-conference, and the execution of the committee sessions during the conference.
    • MMUN Angels: Trained volunteers assisting on-site with conference services, information, and logistics.
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