MMUN Academic Benefits

MMUN Academic Benefits

Once arriving to the conference, students first educate themselves about specific international issues, and when the debate begins, gain an elevated understanding of what actual delegates encounter when international relationships and possible conflicts coincide on a world stage.

Creativity is important in every level of a Montessori education, and MMUN students use drama and role-playing when undertaking the important part of a delegate discussing serious issues that affect the world’s population.  Projects involving art also help the students while displaying their countries’ flags, historical dress, and important historical events.

In the classroom as well as in the course of the conference, students also have the opportunity to gain experience with:

  • Research skills
  • Time-management skills
  • World affairs and issues
  • Partnership among countries
  • Debating and negotiating
  • Showing tolerance for other cultures
  • Leadership forums
  • Written communication in a variety of format
  • Public speaking
  • Real-world applications of classroom material
  • Interactions with students of different cultures and countries
  • Role-playing situations
  • Projects using creative outlets
  • Empathy concerning the plight of the world’s citizens


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